Goal Accomplished – My First Coaching Certification

It is important for me to be a certified coach. Honestly, the certification is as much for my personal satisfaction as it is for others (though companies do prefer to hire certified coaches, ensuring they have undergone formal training from an accredited provider).

Last year, while still at my corporate job, I started a coaching certification course on the side. It involved weeknight calls and weekend studying.

The training, combined with my real-life and corporate experience, brings a diverse set of skills to the table!

The ACC designation is the first level of coaching certification from the International Coaching Federation (ICF). It requires 60 hours of coaching education from an approved provider, 10 hours of mentor coaching with an eligible mentor (I had 40 hours), and 100 hours of coaching experience.

I chose The Academy of Leadership Coaching and NLP (ALCN) because of their unique approach, emphasizing NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and somatic coaching skills. It did not disappoint! I had two wonderful coaches, Sonia and Tony.

After completing all the coursework and coaching experience, I had to take a test. Eek! I had this lingering belief that I am not a good test taker, which I worked hard to overcome. The test was long and detailed, and I am here to say, it was not easy!

What helped me the most was adopting a mindset of ‘no expectations.’ There were no expectations of passing. If I did, great. If not, I could study and retake it. It didn’t mean I was a failure. We all know people who know the material inside and out but freeze during a test.

Good news – I passed!

I am turning 46 this month. I share this as a reminder that you can pursue new dreams and set big goals for yourself, regardless of age.

I am proud of myself. I took a big leap of faith! I am doing it, and there are many more accomplishments ahead of me!

I will continue learning and working my way to the next certification level!

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