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Taking Action Is Progress

A new friend said this the other day and it stopped me dead in my tracks. Such simple words but my goodness, they carried a big punch.

“Taking action is progress.”

Too often we become paralyzed by even the smallest next step. More often than not, we know what we need to do but for some reason we feel that if it’s not the right move, the big move, the perfect move. We can’t do it. We shouldn’t do it. Ah, the word ‘should.’ That word has haunted me much of my life but I digress…perhaps that’s a topic for another time.

When I think back to the earliest notion of stepping away from the corporate world, I was gripped by fear. What do I do first? Is this truly the right choice for me? We tend to believe we are unique (PS – we all say that but in reality, we are more alike than we like to admit). But you know what, I took one step, just one.

That one step will be different for everyone. In my case, it was enrolling in a group coaching course. I moved quickly when the opportunity arose, not a lot of thought. Sometimes I think that is the best way to do it – it means you are listening to your gut, your intuition. The thing inside each of us that propels us forward.

Don’t get me wrong; it’s nice to have an abundance of resources at our fingertips. Nonetheless, at some point, we act simply because it feels right. This is taking action. What I want to emphasize is that any form of action you take is, 100% without a doubt, progress.

This new friend I mentioned is taking action in her life journey right now. It’s fun to watch her growing from the sidelines. She’s likely experiencing moments when she doesn’t feel like she’s progressing, but I can see it with my own eyes.

For me the fun part is pausing, looking back and reflecting on the progress I am making. It’s like putting together a puzzle – the pieces start to take shape right in front of my eyes and it makes me want to work harder and faster.

So, thank you, new friend, for uttering such a simple statement. You truly touched me and helped me pause to see how all my little ‘taking actions’ has turned into some serious progress. And remember, you’re doing it too – I’m here cheering you on!

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